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Couldn't Have Tolerated Personalized MUG

Couldn't Have Tolerated Personalized MUG

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The name (or nickname) of the person sending the the person receiving the MUG will always remember who MUG'd them.
Displayed on the reverse side of the MUG.
Max. of 20 characters.

This is a Gift they will Always Remember!

Are you looking for a Unique Gift for your friends or family? Imagine the look on their face when they find out you MUG'd them! 

With a Positive Message on the front and PERSONALIZED FROM YOU on the back, these Coffee MUGs truly are Memorable Uplifting Gifts.

More positivity is what the world needs right now and this is a mission to provide Inspiration, Humour and Love in a unique way.

...AND when you MUG someone with this gift you also help animals in shelters find forever homes

Special Features:

  • Personalized from You on the back - so they will always remember
  • 15oz Coffee MUG with a BIG HANDLE - because we don't want you to spill any
  • 100% Recycleable Gift Packaging - because we want to leave the world a better place
  • 5% of sales go to help adoptable dogs and cats find homes - because we love them all
  • Dishwasher & Microwave friendly - we need everyone to get along
  • Designed, printed, packaged and shipped from Canada
  • We Ship Worldwide - because EVERYONE LOVES getting Uplifting Messages